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Civil Litigation / Class Actions

Our firm has the capability and the attorneys with the experience necessary to handle virtually any civil or class action case.

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC represents clients throughout the United States and internationally.

General Civil Litigation

Our firm represents a wide variety of clients from small businesses to international companies. We employ a diverse group of attorneys who are able to provide counsel to our clients for all stages of a business – including start-up, practices and procedures and litigation. While we have successfully handled numerous high profile cases throughout the United States, Brewer & Lormand, PLLC is guided by the principle that no case is too small as every case is important to the individual client. With personalized attention and a legal defense that is tailored to the client’s business, Brewer & Lormand, PLLC employs a unique and effective response to your legal needs.

Class Action & Mass Tort

Class action litigation has increased significantly across a wide range of industries. Plaintiffs lawyers sometimes transform media reports into class actions. These tactics magnify even apparent trivial complaints into ones that cannot be ignored. This trend is an ongoing problem in the business community that is not likely to lessen in the coming years.

We believe in a comprehensive, aggressive approach to such claims and have extensive experience in directly handling class actions and mass tort claims, personal injury and product liability claims. In defending class action litigation, we have experience in all aspects of litigation, including pre-certification discovery, defeating class certifications, and creative, case-specific defense strategies.

Further, we have acted as national counsel coordinating numerous law firms, local counsel, experts, and related proceedings in an effort to provide strong and consistent strategy with a constant eye on cost savings.

Appellate – State & Federal

The attorneys at Brewer & Lormand, PLLC have handled the complicated appeal process from start to finish in both the state and federal court systems. We represent clients in the appellate process in a broad range of matters, including licensing issues, personal injury, toxic tort, product liability, medical malpractice and maritime. We have experience in handling all aspects of the appellate process, including oral argument, writ practice and briefing.

We use our knowledge and experience to give our clients effective and efficient representation throughout the appellate phase of litigation. We also advise clients regarding possible outcomes and limits to the appellate process.

Environmental Law & Toxic Tort

Our attorneys have experience defending companies in mass tort, wrongful death and personal injury litigation emanating from chemical releases, as well as in claims of property damage sustained from petrochemical or chemical migration onto land or into groundwater or drinking water.

Toxic tort litigation is a wide-ranging field including employer, executive officer, product and premises liability claims arising from alleged exposures to chemicals and other substances such as asbestos or silica. Due to the nature of these exposures and the long latency periods associated with many associated health issues, toxic tort claims often involve unique legal and medical issues, and Brewer & Lormand, PLLC has the experience needed to represent our clients’ interests in dealing with these issues.

Hurricane & Catastrophe

Our attorneys can help you weather the storm, even after natural disasters. The destructive and devastating Hurricanes of the recent past, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike, have brought an onslaught of litigation, loss of business income claims, property damage claims, injury and death and bad faith claims against insurers. We have successfully handled these types of claims and others for several clients, including high profile cases brought against long-term acute care facilities and nursing homes.
We also have experience handling loss of business income claims, property damage claims (for both personal and business insurance policies) and bad faith claims against insurers for payments related to storm damage. In addition to representing clients in litigation, we provide coverage opinions.

Premises Liability

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC has experience defending claims for injury, wrongful death and property damage brought against owners and operators of commercial and industrial properties. The defense of premises liability claims requires skill and expertise to understand safety requirements, including local, state and federal safety and building codes, as well as an understanding of the various hazards and risks inherent in industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

Our experience representing clients in premises liability matters is not limited to defending claims, but also includes advice and guidance regarding appropriate procedures and precautions to prevent these incidents.

Product Liability / Product Liability Audit

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC represents businesses seeking skilled legal counsel to defend them against product liability injury claims. We strive to attain fast, cost-effective results that our clients need to protect their businesses and the reputation of their products.

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