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Brewer & Lormand, PLLC has offices in Dallas, New Orleans, and Houston that are staffed with experienced and versatile lawyers.

Our lawyers are licensed to practice in the District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Puerto Rico, and Texas. In addition to our U.S. based attorneys, Brewer & Lormand also maintains an international network of attorneys who assist in supporting our client’s international legal needs. With┬ásuch a diverse and experienced law firm, we are able to assist our clients’ in resolving issues on a broad scale through numerous legal areas. To learn more, read through our 9 concentrations below, or┬ácontact us to schedule an appointment today.


Civil Litigation / Class actions

Our firm has the capability and the attorneys with the experience necessary to handle virtually any civil or class action case.

Business & Commercial Transactions

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC handles all types of routine and complex business transactions, no matter what the size of your business.

Healthcare Law & Malpractice

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC has extensive experience handling healthcare and malpractice issues.

Insurance Law

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC is experienced in advising our clients on the uncertainties of insurance coverage.

Estate Planning & Administration

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC provides estate planning, administration, successions and probate services to its clients.

Maritime Law

Brewer & Lormand, PLLC actively represents clients engaged in domestic and international maritime-related activities

Immigration Law

Our attorneys have experience with navigating the immigration system for families, individuals, employees, and employers.

Bankruptcy and Tax

Brewer & Lormand provides its clients assistance with financial and bankruptcy issues.

International Trade and Commerce

Brewer & Lormand understands the complexity of navigating international laws and treaties, and it helps its clients manage the risks.

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