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U.S. Citizenship

Apply to become a United States citizen through the naturalization process.
U.S. Citizenship

There are four ways in which an individual can be a citizen of the United States:

  1. Birth in the United States
  2. Birth to a parent or parents who are United States citizens
  3. Adoption by a United States Citizen
  4. Naturalization

Citizenship generally refers to an individual who acquires or derives citizenship through his or her United States citizen parents. On the other hand, naturalization is a process whereby foreign nationals become citizens of the United States.

The naturalization process requires the applicant to appear for an interview before an immigration officer. The interview generally consists of an examination of U.S. history and civics, an English examination, and a review of important questions on Form N-400.

There are common pitfalls that may cause an applicant to fail their interview, including tricky interview questions. At Brewer & Lormand, our attorneys have represented numerous clients in their naturalization interview, and we can help you prepare for your interview.

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