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Visitor Exchange Program (J-1 Visa)

The J-1 visa is available to non-immigrant exchange visitors who wish to travel to the United States through a Department of State approved sponsor program to teach, study, receive training or demonstrate special skills.

The sponsoring program must be accredited through the Exchange Visitor Program designated b y the U.S. State Department.

Non-immigrants who qualify for the J-1 visa can include:

  • Au Pair
  • College or University Student
  • Secondary School Student
  • Short-Term Scholar
  • Professor or Research Scholar
  • Teacher
  • Government Visitor
  • International Visitor
  • Physician
  • Specialist
  • Intern
  • Trainee
  • Camp Counselor
  • Summer Work Travel

For information about the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, click here.

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