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Treaty Investor Visas (E-2 Visa)

The E-2 visa is for an individual who wishes to enter the United States to develop and direct the operation of an enterprise in which he or she has invested, or is in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital. The individual must be a citizen of a country that has a bilateral investment treaty with the United States.

E-2 Treaty Investor Countries:


Africa: Cameroon, Congo, Liberia, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal, Togo, and Tunisia
Asia: Bangladesh, Republic of China (Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand
Australia: Australia
Central America: Honduras, and Costa Rica, and Panama
Europe: Albania Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Estonia
The Middle East: Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, and Turkey
North America: Canada and Mexico
South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Suriname
The Caribbean Grenada, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago

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