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Our attorneys have experience with navigating the immigration system for families, individuals, employees, and employers. See which of the below matches your situation to get more information


You might qualify for a business based immigration benefit if:

Your employer wants to petition you.
You have a business and would like to invest in the U. S.
You have special abilities, skills, education, or knowledge that might be of interest to the U.S or an employer.


You might qualify for a family based immigration benefit if:

A U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident relative would like to petition you.
You are in deportation proceedings.
You have been a victim of a crime, or if you are a minor and have been abandoned by a parent.


You might qualify for Citizenship if:

You have been a Legal Permanent Resident for 5 years or more.
You have been a Legal Permanent Resident for more than 3 years and adjusted status through a U. S. Citizen Spouse and are still married.
Your parents became U.S. citizens before your 18th birthday.

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