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A Wyoming company that develops and sells dietary supplements that it claims can prevent and reverse the greying of hair continues to fight a lawsuit brought by the FTC last year.

This week, the FTC filed its opposition to Defendant Coorga Nutraceuticals Corp.’s motion seeking the dismissal of all claims against the company.  In support of its motion, Coorga had submitted a summary of the company’s process in developing and formulating the product, and in researching the claims it made about the abilities of the product to stop the greying of hair.  Coorga argued that, under the FTC’s own guidelines, its research and studies were sufficient to substantiate the anti-greying claims.

In its recent opposition to Coorga’s motion, the FTC argues that the company’s submissions are opinions on scientific matters by an unqualified layperson that are not admissible expert testimony.

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